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Tre-Quan Baker

My Story

My passion for advertising in music began in my teens as a music producer. After collaborating with over 150 artists and our careers getting nowhere, I began to dig deeper into what it takes for an artist to make it; I've been searching ever since. Not long after my journey began, my focus changed from creating music to connecting others' music to people likely to become fans. Since 2016 I've worked with hundreds of artists to establish their presence, increase their demand, and help create opportunities that may not have found it's way to them otherwise. Hopefully my next journey begins with you. Lets talk. 


At, I assist you with identifying key goals in your music career and implementing a system that steadily advances you in that direction. Usable results are my most profound concern, as they are critical to opportunities that may arise in the future.

There is a perspective that "ATTENTION" is the biggest battle for recording artists today, but I disagree. The key to success in music is to win the people as they purchase tickets, stream the music, fill the seats, and scream your name. If you can accomplish that, you'll have the creative control to carve your path or get the deal you always wanted. 


 Let's talk about how we can make that happen for you. 

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